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Bali Destination Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding

Nadya & Kevin

March 9, 2019
Wedding: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception: Tirtha Uluwatu
Planner: Tirtha Bali

They say weddings are magical, and it was at one of their friend’s wedding that Kevin and Nadya first met. Or actually, Kevin noticed Nadya and couldn’t resist the urge to get to know her. He contacted her through social media and eventually they started dating.
When they decided to get married, they had a few Bali venues in mind. Tirtha was the first venue they visited and the only one they fell in love with. “It was more like gut feeling, when you know, you just know!” Nadya recalls. The couple didn’t want to go over-the-top but instead wanted a simple, intimate celebration to spend time with their family and closest friends. “The planning went so well, time definitely flew! We were a bit nervous, but then again we knew everything will be just fine. The assistance provided by Tirtha were so helpful, we didn’t have to worry about a thing!” Kevin added.
To prepare themselves for the special day, Kevin and Nadya prayed and fasted. When the day finally came, they were ready to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime event!

The Ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu / Chapel Wedding

The music, the weather, the guests, the beauty of the chapel, the gorgeous bride, everything just came together at that moment.
Nadya adorned herself in a timeless A-line dress, designed by her friend and popular gown designer, Maria Ruth Fernanda.
Meanwhile, Kevin looked sharp in a classic, black tux and bowtie from Wong Hang Tailor.Kevin reminisces one of the happiest moments; standing at the altar and seeing Nadya appear at the far end of the stairs, ready to walk into the chapel.
“One of the highlights was the First Look; Kevin and I got really emotional,” said Nadya. “Also the wedding vows, we couldn’t keep it together and cried happy tears!”

The Reception at Tirtha Uluwatu

The festivities continued into the night as Nadya changed her matrimonial cape into a simple bow.
“The food was great! We loved the cold appetizer with the shrimp, and the beef main course was awesome!” exclaimed the happy couple. “The guests were also impressed with the intimate setting that Tirtha put together for us. The ambience was perfect and the food was amazing.” The magic formula to complete the evening? Good music and people you love!

<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bali>

Wedding Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Wedding Planner : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Decoration : Hanamizuki by Tirtha Bali
Wedding Lighting : Tirtha Bali
Food and Beverages : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Cake : Tirtha Bali

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