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Eni & Josh

October 23, 2018
Ceremony: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception: Stone House

“As soon as I saw you walking down the aisle, I almost started to cry,” Joshua remembers the moment he saw Eni for the first time on their wedding day. The couple first came to Bali for Eni’s 30th birthday arranged by Josh. After seeing the country and meeting the people, Bali reserved a special place in their hearts. “I had always pictured getting married on a cliff top with the sea in the distance and a scenery of fresh greens of nature. When we arrived at Tirtha I thought it was beyond crazy to have found something that fit so perfectly with my dream,” Eni explained.
The wedding ceremony was held in Tirtha Uluwatu with the aisle adorned with beautiful white flowers. Eni was in a stunning custom-made mermaid lace dress with a sweetheart neckline. Meanwhile, Joshua was in a gold and white suit fit for a prince. Both attires were designed by the couple with help from Joshua’s friends.
“Walking down the aisle, I was so nervous as I couldn’t find my dad. But when I saw Josh standing there, smiling and giving me a little wink, he helped settle my nerves and reminded me to just enjoy the moment,” Eni recalled. “I feel so proud to be his wife.”
The tables decorated in white and gold and stunning chandeliers hanging from the ceiling illuminated the area with a homey golden glow. Delicious coconut and pumpkin soup were served and had everybody craving for more. Chicken broth was also served along with scrumptious desserts. Everyone had a great time dancing, playing games and just hanging around with friends and family.
“The entire day was remarkable, being surrounded by the beauty of nature, and our nearest and dearest of family and friends. Thinking back on it, I almost get emotional,” Eni said, reminiscing. Laughter, music, and pure joy concluded the night in paradise as Eni and Josh’s love story had just began. Their love is the epitome of a happy ever after and nothing can ever change the special connection they have.
<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bridal>
Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception Venue: Stone House
Wedding Organizer: Tirtha Bridal
Decoration: Tirtha Bridal
Food and Beverages: Tirtha Bridal

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