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Bali Destination Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding

Dewi & Giovanni

August 28, 2018
Wedding: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception: Tirtha Uluwatu
Planner: Tirtha Bali

This gorgeous couple met through friends in Kuala Lumpur and it was not love at first sight. After persistent efforts from Gio who flew to Singapore every 2 weeks to see Dewi, they finally started dating and despite the ups and down like any relationship, the couple decided to tie the knot in August 28th, 2018 in Bali.
Tirtha was quite an obvious choice for both Gio and Dewi after their visit. “We visited many places, but when we came to Tirtha we knew it was the right place for us. Breathtaking, elegant yet cozy” explained Gio.

The Tea Ceremony at Stone House

The couple also had a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in The Stone House before the wedding ceremony. “It was special for Dewi and her family, because for the first time, they saw this tradition with a twist, a lot of Caucasian queuing up for the Angpao at the end of the Tea Ceremony! You don’t get to see this in every Chinese Tea Ceremony!” said Gio with a laugh. For Gio, his family and friends were so thrilled and moved to see something so unique and distinctive of a tradition far from their custom.
The couple chose ‘White & Gold’ as their wedding theme to symbolize their wish to always be together until they have white hair in their golden years. In addition, they fell in love with the simplicity, elegance and purity of the entire wedding ceremony. They felt that the whiteness of Tirtha chapel and the golden sunset were the perfect match to the theme they chose.

The Ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu / Chapel Wedding

‘‘Everyone was speechless by the scenery, the calmness and the authenticity of the place. The colors of the sky, the white flowers, the waves in the background accompanied by the notes sang by the choir, all these gave a sense of intimate enjoyment. That was the Bali experience all our guests dreamt of.’

The Reception at Tirtha Uluwatu

“Having family from Indonesia and Italy, and friends from all over the world, it was not easy for us to imagine a menu that would please everyone, so we decided to let Chef Kano from Tirtha come up with a really interesting sounding menu.
” The couple flew to Bali for the food tasting and was amazed by the tastefulness and character of all the courses that were served. Especially the slow cooked pork belly in Bir Bintang for 24 hours. “It was amazingly tender, savoury and mouthwatering” added Gio.
Dewi and Gio admit that their best moment of the evening was when their favorite song was played and flower petals were thrown while they walked down the aisle to celebrate their freshly announced union. “That was when we both realized we were united forever in front of our loved ones and we couldn’t be happier.
All the tension were gone, all that was left were smiles, hugs, dance, food, drinks, laughter and happiness…!”

<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bali>

Wedding Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Tea Ceremony Venue : Stone House
Wedding Planner : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Decoration : Hanamizuki by Tirtha Bali
Wedding Lighting : Tirtha Bali
Food and Beverages : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Cake : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Photography : Axioo
Wedding Videography : Axioo Express
Wedding Dress : House of Luxury
MUA : Catleyadea

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