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Bali Destination Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding

Audrey & Joshua

August 3, 2019
Wedding: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception: Glass House
Planner: Tirtha Bali

Audrey and Joshua met in their early 20s attending college in Sydney when a friend introduced them at the church. Joshua was the first and last boyfriend for Audrey, “He is the guy who taught me how to be romantic, because I am really bad at being one,” she smiled.
“As the time went by, her character completed me and also it built me up, making me a better version of myself,” said Joshua. After few years of dating, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him in the middle of snow in Japan.
After months of engagement bliss, they began the planning of their big day. In awe and love with Tirtha Uluwatu’s chapel and Glass House, they decided to secure the venues for their destination wedding during a bridal fair in Jakarta. “With the help of Tirtha Team and Vilia Wedding Planner, the planning process was pretty easy.”

The Ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu / Chapel Wedding

The sunshine bursting from the window, the sky was clear, a truly definition of perfect weather on their destination wedding day.
Their precious guests were greeted by the Tirtha’s flower girls and musicians in traditional garbs, giving a touch of Balinese hospitality.
Dancing pampas grass in clear vases along the aisle and adorning white tassels from the Chapel ceiling witnessed how Joshua, can’t hold his happy tears seeing Audrey walking down the aisle. Beautifully dressed in Yogie Pratama sleeveless and trailed white dress, she was accompanied by her father. It was a heartfelt ceremony filled with joy, laughter and happy tears.

The Reception at Glass House

After taking pictures with families and friends at the Chapel, everyone moved to Glass House for the cocktail and dinner reception.
The cocktail held at Moonlight Garden, continued with the grand entrance and cake cutting. The wedding planners were on stand-by, ensuring every precious moment is perfect.
While the dinner held inside the Plumeria room, beautifully decorated with a simple and elegant flowers along dinner table and a combination of tassels, crystal chandeliers and fairy light which beautifully reflects on the glasses wall. “Tirtha Uluwatu already has a great natural setting so we did not really need too much of the decoration.” Audrey added.
Asian Buffet was served and everyone dived into the food and savored every meal, especially the sop buntut or oxtail soup.
The guests also received a personal letter from the newlyweds. “We wanted to pour our hearts out regarding the friendship we had with them, how we feel around them and how they impacted our lives”
During the dinner, Disney medley was performed by Joshua as a surprise, amazed their guests with his incredible vocals. “Since he is a vocalist and is a part of the church choir, he wanted to give me something special.
Taking singing to a whole new level!” Audrey gushed, beaming with pride.
“Everything was perfect, we enjoyed our time and our friends even said that they want to have their wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu after they came to our wedding!” said Joshua.

<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bali>

Wedding Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception Venue : Glass House
Wedding Planner : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Decoration : Hanamizuki by Tirtha Bali
Wedding Lighting : Tirtha Bali
Food and Beverages : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Cake : Tirtha Bali

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