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Bali Destination Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding

Cheryl & Jirong

October 6, 2018
Wedding: Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception: Glass House
Planner: Tirtha Bali

“ I choose you today. And I would choose you again tomorrow, and every day for the rest of our lives. We’ll climb every mountain, and snowboard down some, until our bones can’t take it anymore.” That was the wedding vow from the bride to her groom on their wedding ceremony, in between tears. “It’s a whirlwind but stable romance, like being in the eye of a hurricane,” said Cheryl about their love story.
Trying Tinder for fun, Cheryl met Jirong immediately and never had any chance to meet anyone else.
Jirong explained that he couldn’t believe such an amazing girl would appear on Tinder and knew she wouldn’t be available for long and that he had to move fast.
Few years later, Jirong threw a surprise proposal on powdery slopes of their snowboarding trip to Japan, just the day before Cheryl broke her foot. “One of my proposed wedding hashtag was #oncebrokenconsideredsold. The good thing that came out of the accident was that I had time to plan the wedding!”
The bride saw pictures of Tirtha and instantly fell in love and made it as her first and only choice. The Singaporean couple chose Bali for they feel that as an intimate destination wedding, Bali exudes chill vibes to celebrate with family and close friends.

The Ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu / Chapel Wedding

The couple envisioned natural light-filled spaces surrounded by nature and greenery, and opted for Rustic Garden wedding theme with elegant but also a simple, cozy feel. “Tirtha was a perfect fit. We liked what we saw online but we fell in love when we saw the venue for the first time and even more so on our wedding day,” said Jirong.
Cheryl wore a stunning bespoke sweetheart mermaid gown from a local designer, while the groom picked a light colored grey suit. “I believed it would look good at the brightly lit chapel at Tirtha Uluwatu and it sure did!”
The couple admits that the wedding was so beautiful, Cheryl shed happy tears on several occasions while Jirong found the chorus particularly moving. “Luckily I’m good at holding back tears,” said Jirong again, laughing.

The Reception at Glass House

As a food blogger, Cheryl felt high expectations from her guests for the dinner reception but the couple took a leap of faith with the food. “Tirtha definitely passes this food critic’s taste test. We were assured during the food tasting, the standard of the menu which would be served at our wedding reception.”
“All our guests were very impressed. It was just overall great! Great food, great vibes, great party!”

<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bali>

Wedding Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue : Tirtha Uluwatu
Reception Venue : Glass House
Wedding Planner : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Decoration : Hanamizuki by Tirtha Bali
Wedding Lighting : Tirtha Bali
Food and Beverages : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Cake : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Photography : Ever-motion Photo
Wedding Videography : Evermotion Video

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