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Bali Destination Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding

Caryn & Kazuo

September 13, 2018
Wedding: Glass House
Reception: Glass House
Planner: Tirtha Bali

“I choose your soul and I love everything that you are,” said Kazuo. “I promise to always be there for you, even when you can no longer recall names, places or words. When you call Spice Girls ‘Spicy Girls’ or poppyseed cake ‘popseeds’,” returned Caryn. Those were the loving words they exchanged for their wedding vows. The couple were overjoyed with the thought of spending the rest of their lives together. It was a very romantic moment and there truly are no words to describe the feeling.
“Caryn loves cats. So, when she saw a hairy, furry Brazilian species knocking out burpees after deadlifts and clean & jerks at CrossFit – she knew in her heart instantly, that she must have this cat forever.”
Caryn wanted to wear something simple yet classy for the wedding. However, after searching endlessly for “the dress” with no luck, she decided to create her own and went with a stunning jumpsuit added with a train as a finishing touch. Meanwhile, Kazuo was dressed smartly with a moss green suit and shorts combo from Comme des Garcon and a formal suit by Maison Margiela.

The Ceremony at Glass House / Garden Wedding

In company of the wonderful setting, the couple decided to bring some local flavors to the wedding and had traditional BBQ skewers (satay) grilled and served on the spot. The guests were captivated by the scenery and enjoyed their time mingling and tasting the scrumptious food.

The Reception at Glass House

They had their wedding at the Moonlight Garden and proceeded to have their reception at the Plumeria Room, both in the Glass House by Tirtha. With the help of their Wedding Assistant, they were able to create their special day “a very unique experience”. The couple just loved the location of the artistic Glass House, hidden in nature and the forest. “The high ceilings, natural sunlight streaming into glass walls and greenery was just beautiful,” described the couple. The aesthetic of the location aligned perfectly with the theme of the wedding, the flawless “concrete jungle” vibes.
During dinner, one of the guests brought out a wooden urn filled with hard liquor and had everyone take a swig from it!
“It was such a joyous event. We were elated to see our families get together and spend their time with the people we care and love so much. It was our happiest moments,” smiled the couple, as they watched the guests mingling with each other.

<Bali Destination Wedding at Tirtha Bali>

Wedding Location : Uluwatu, Bali
Wedding Venue : Glass House
Reception Venue : Glass House
Wedding Planner : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Decoration : Hanamizuki by Tirtha Bali
Wedding Lighting : Tirtha Bali
Food and Beverages : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Cake : Tirtha Bali
Wedding Photography : Axioo Express
Wedding Videography : Axioo Express

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