The elegant yet laid back buffet brings tantalizing flavors of Southeast Asia and Japan to the celebration

Buffet Appetizer

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Buffet Main Dishes

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Buffet Desserts

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Other Reception

  • French Course

    Tirtha Bridal’s spectacular settings meld with unique dishes to give diners a truly exceptional gourmet experience
  • Food Cart

    Bring the festive mood to your cocktail hour with an array of food carts from sweet to savory
  • Canape

    Embrace the nature of the island while indulging in these bite-sized delights, the perfect companion for the pre-dinner hours
  • Wedding Cake

    Another stunning member of the wedding is this decadent confection which is believed to bring good luck
  • Cocktail Reception

    Unwind and relish the moments of happiness with the mouth-watering cocktail reception
  • After Party

    No destination wedding is complete without an after party with these midnight snacks and spirits, while the DJ plays your favorite tunes.
  • Welcome Dinner

    A welcome dinner with flavors of the Indonesian archipelago presented in the style of a traditional Balinese feast
  • Wine & Spirits

    The meticulously curated list of wines is hand selected by our award winning sommelier, Mr. Daisuke Kawai
  • Entertainment

    Pyrotechnics, fireworks, bands, DJs and more, you are sure to find what you need on our curated list of entertainments
  • Lighting