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2024 New products released

Jan. 01, 2023  News

2024 New products released
2024 New products released

Our Wedding Packages are bundled up photography & videography plan as the All-Inclusive package and now the customer’s favorite “Japanese Fusion Menu” is also available as one of the package menu selections.

The Open Bar is now available with more attractive price than ever.
Your guests can be treated with various selection of drink during pre-ceremony time.

And our newest plan is the live-streaming service.
We will broadcast your Wedding Ceremony on YouTube.
Now your family and friends can witness your ceremony live at their own places far from Bali.

Do you have your dream decoration or entertainment plan?
Simply consult with our Wedding Consultant and we are more than happy to arrange and customize them according to your wish and budget.

Let's make your dream wedding happen with your beloved family and friends.

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